What is Baby Sign?

Baby Sign Language is focused on enhancing communication between parents and babies by teaching babies simple signs they can use before their language skills have developed. Babies can understand language and use gestures earlier than they can speak. By associating signs with words and objects babies have the ability to let you know what they want and need, cutting down on tears and tantrums. Babies as young as six months can learn simple signs to let you know when they are hungry, hot, cold, that they want their teddy bear or if they are poorly. Being able to communicate more effectively with your baby can help reduce the frustration you and your child feel when you are unable to determine the cause of their upset. And a happy baby means a happy family!

There is often concern that by teaching sign language you may delay your babies speech development. However, studies have actually found the opposite of this, that Baby Sign Language can promote earlier vocal communication and that children who have used it often have a wider vocabulary. Baby Sign Language is always taught alongside normal speech helping babies link the Sign and the word. Most babies and toddlers will naturally pick up actions used in nursery rhymes before they can sing the song with you. Baby Sign Language develops this skill by teaching useful Signs that you baby can use to communicate their needs with you.

The sessions at Toddle up and Sign are based around British Sign Language which is used by 150,000 People in the UK. The aim of the classes is to associate Signs with their meaning through the use of toys, songs and stories so that parents can be regularly using them at home increasing the opportunity of their baby to learn and use them.